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Connecticut’s Last Green Valley and Coast

March 9, 2015

The worst is behind us

All of us who live and work here in Eastern Connecticut have just endured two of the worst winters in memory. I have lived here all my life and can't remember winters being anywhere near this bad. Now the sun is out, the snow is melting and the worst is behind us. The same can be said for the real estate market. The deep snow cover, ice and record cold have suppressed sales for the last eight weeks but with sunshine comes a new, highly active market . The Spring Market is just starting. If you have a home to sell, don't wait, now is the time to call your Partner Network agent and get ready to move.

Why the Partner Network and not some other company? They are all the same, right? Real Estate companies are not the same. The Partner Network has created a firm that would attract the very best agents in our market. We have four offices located along I395 from East Lyme to Danielson. We pay our agents more, we keep their out of pocket expenses to the lowest in the area. We provide them with paperwork assistance, lead tracking, referrals, secretarial services, in house brokers (as opposed to appointed managers), training and everything we know the best agents want and need. By having the best agents we provide the best most professional service to buyers and sellers. We are local, we are Eastern Connecticut. Our headquarters are in Norwich and Danielson, not Wallingford or Trumbull. So when you choose your real estate company, choose wisely. Choose the best agents, choose the agents that know your area, choose The Partner Network.