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Summer is for Sellers 

Summer is the favorite season for New Englanders. We are outside doing things, being active and enjoying life. Its that mindset that also inspires people to enter the real estate market as buyers. Our busiest months are May through September.  With all the buyer activity, sellers are able to find buyers for their property much more easily than in the cold winter months. Another reason for the added activity is our summer population is greater. We are home to a lot of "snowbirds" which swell the population of many towns, especially along the shore, during our warm weather months. The third reason for activity is inventory. Typically homes show better when everything is green and in bloom so we have a lot more properties for sale. All of these issues add to increased buying activity.

Sellers, get your property on the market. What are you waiting for, now is the time. Buyers, the choices have never been better. You can buy the home of your dreams, its out there. Whichever side of the real estate equation you are on, we are here to help you. We are a company of exceptional people with exceptional skills and knowledge. If you are buying or selling don't make a move with out the guidance of a Partner Network agent.

Have a wonderful summer season!