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September 8, 2014


Too much to do , too little time

We understand that buying and selling real estate can be a time consuming affair. Dealing with the choices and details involved can be overwhelming for some. It doesn't have to be. Our extremely well trained and experienced REALTORS are expert consultants. By starting the process of buying or selling with a detailed consultation a lot of time can be saved.

For Buyers, instead of hopping in the agents car and driving to one uninteresting listing after another, spend an extra 30 minutes in the initial interview. Discuss not only what you need, but also your wants and motivations. As REALTORS we have exceptional tools and personal experience that can lead you to the perfect home quickly and not waste a precious minute of your day. 

For sellers, your motivation is key. Tell your REALTOR why you are selling and when you expect to move. Also, listen carefully to your REALTOR when it comes to pricing and preparing the home for sale. Pictures are key, you are no longer competing in the newspaper against other properties your competition is on the internet. The internet is visual media and the best pictures win the most looks. You must look good and be priced right to arouse interest in your property. 

Real estate is as simple as the right agent and good communication. Our agents are experts in asking questions, understanding needs and wants and taking care of details. Give us a try, we promise to make the process simple, and time efficient